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Col. Burton's Endorsement

Retired Marine Col. Timothy “Ghannon” Burton endorses Brian.  Watch and learn why.

Make District Two Great Again

Brian talks about the unique opportunity the States and people have to revitalize District 2.

Time for Change

District 2 can’t afford incompetent representation from self-interested career politicians.

Fix Our Infrastructure Now

The States and Congress must find Constitutional ways to maintain infrastructure.

Protecting the Constitution

The duty of every Congressman is to follow the letter and spirit of the U.S. Constitution.

Finish The Wall

Immigration and customs enforcement safeguards our economy and is crucial to defending the republic.

Save the Schools

Parents must control the education of their children and equip them to succeed.

Abolish Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory teaches that one group of children must pay homage to another.  The goal is to destroy American society.

Equal Representation for All

Leaders like Brian believe in representing all their constituents, regardless of immutable characteristics.

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