The Issues and The Answers

Brian Flowers and the Campaign Team know the answers to the most important questions of today and tomorrow, but do you?  Study the material we’ve placed on this site and you’ll be the most informed person on your street.

My Oath of Office

Brian Flowers will defend the letter and spirit of the U.S. Constitution, so freedom and morality can increase, which is the essence of Liberty as America’s founders defined it.

Economic Stability

Brian Flowers will work to stop inflation and create a stable economy, so hard-working people can prosper.

Educational Progress

Brian Flowers will move control of education to the State and local level, as the Constitution requires, so that excellence can be achieved.

Election Integrity

Brian Flowers will work to restore honest elections and eliminate fraud, which all free people deserve.

Energy and Infrastructure

Brian Flowers will work to create energy independence and find Constitutional ways to develop infrastructure, which benefits everyone.

Liberty, Not Tyranny

Brian Flowers will advance the cause of Liberty– freedom tied to Judeo-Christian principles and morality– and bring tyranny to a halt.

Secure Borders

Brian Flowers will work to stop the immigrant invasion, as required by the Constitution, and which is necessary to maintain our civilization.


State Sovereignty

Brian Flowers will work to restore State sovereignty, which is the essence of Constitutional government and essential to Liberty according to America’s Founders and every true Statesman that followed.

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