Gadsden Flag Front Patch


Interchangeable Gadsden flag patch for the front side of our tactical cap


This embroidered flag patch with a Velcro backing attaches to the front of your tactical hat.  It’s not just a patch for a cap, it’s a cap and patch system. Buy each of our Liberty patches and interchange them as often as you like.    We have patches for the back of your cap also.

This patch features the classic coiled snake image of the Gadsden flag from the American War for Independence.  The message is “Don’t Tread on Me” because this snake bites!  This flag patch is a great way to express your defiance to tyrants and support for Liberty, which is freedom tied to Judeo-Christian morals and principles.

Your purchase supports the campaign, so we thank you very much!  Ask your friends to shop here, too.

Additional information

Weight .02 kg
Dimensions 4 × 3 cm