Democrats insist they can work with Republicans to pass infrastructure bills. They promise to invest in the country and improve the lives of the voters who put them in power. When it’s time to negotiate, however, they can’t resist the urge to spend like a drunken sailor with his first credit card. Every personal pet project and a litany of left-wing spending priorities can now be bought at the taxpayer’s expense. Roads and bridges are in the rear-view mirror while leftist social priorities are front and center.

It may surprise some readers to discover that the Constitution prohibits infrastructure spending by the federal government. In fact, when polled, most voters believe that spending money on infrastructure is precisely what Congress should be doing, but there are many good reasons why infrastructure spending is reserved to the States. For one, why should taxpayers in Mississippi pay for a road project in New York, or vice versa? For another, it’s better for State to handle such matters since its needs and expenses can be tailored for that individual State.  (There are many other reasons, as well.)

Even if Congress could tackle infrastructure without spending your money on things completely unrelated to actual infrastructure, federal spending creates more problems than it solves. Politicians can only tax so much, since new and higher taxes are unpopular; “tax the rich” schemes only raise prices as corporations pass the costs on to consumers; and price controls create shortages. Since raising taxes and implementing price controls don’t work, Congress borrows the money to finance their grand schemes, including infrastructure projects, then use the left-wing media to sell you the notion that they’ve done you a favor.  What a scam!

Even though the goal was to avoid new taxes, federal borrowing creates an invisible tax that affects everyone. This invisible tax is called “inflation,” and we’re seeing and feeling the rapid and pronounced effect of it. Inflation is now the number one concern of voters, and rightly so, but not one voter in a hundred realizes that they’ve voted the problem upon themselves by supporting candidates to federal office who promise to “bring home the bacon” with infrastructure and other un-Constitutional spending.

Brian Flowers, candidate for Congress in the Second District of Mississippi, will work to repeal un-Constitutional federal programs, reduce taxes, stop inflation, and return power to the States. The wealth created by such measures will enable the States, local communities, and private concerns to pay for infrastructure improvements without violating the Constitution or expanding federal powers.

A vote for Brian Flowers is a vote for truly Constitutional infrastructure development. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, let’s make a change in the Second District. Please share this article through e-mail and social media, donate time and money to the campaign, and shop our patriot store. Send Flowers to Congress—Brian Flowers, that is.